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Welcome to the biggest gameshow in the Galaxy! Your host, Fermi, brings you the most exotic participants from all star systems, planets, and even dimensions!

Watch as our contestants RISE (They don't really have a choice!) to obtain the biggest ratings and keep making this show the greatest in all 16 quadrants!


Our game came from a concept depicted in Rick and Morty. This clip in particular.

Do you enjoy creative twists on games? Do you like challenging games that make you feel incredible when you finally beat them?

COLORISE CHALLENGE is a platform jumper with a very colorful twist: not only do you have to move your character to land on top of platforms to keep RISING, you also have to pay attention to the COLOR of the platform and CHANGE your own color to MATCH the platform, or you will fall right through it!

Collect COLOR DROPS to use as coins and unlock different CHARACTERS. Try the 22 designed STAGES (2 worlds with 11 stages each) with a BOSS FIGHT at the end of each world, or play in one of the 3 difficulty options in ENDLESS MODE.


You can try the TUTORIAL in-game... but here are the basics.

  • To control you character, TILT your device.
  • To change the color of your character, PRESS ANYWHERE on top of each color button at the bottom of the screen (Blue, Red and Yellow). Think of it as three invisible columns that reach the top of the screen. Press wherever you feel more comfortable. You can KEEP PRESSING to maintain the color.
  • The twist is, sometimes the platforms won't be BLUE, RED or YELLOW. When that happens, you have to MIX COLORS to form the correct one.
  • There's only 3 possible combinations to keep in mind:




  • Finally, if you change your color JUST BEFORE LANDING on the platform, you will perform a COLOR BOOST, reaching higher!
  • Watch out for different kinds of platforms: MOVING, FALLING and CHANGING COLOR when you bounce on them. If you encounter a colored WALL, by similar logic as the platforms, you have to be the SAME COLOR to pass through it

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